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I specialize in the restoration of paintings on canvas and wood, picture frame restoration and some sculpture (depending on the material).  I utilize conservation methods and materials to restore and preserve the original artwork.  Often the painting will require cleaning and I will repair any tears in the canvas and any other damage to the artwork including water damage, mold, smoke, discoloration or whatever else may need repairing to bring the painting back to its original state (including the frame).  

Please contact me to discuss your project or if you are out of town, you may send me photos so I can review the work and get back with you.  There is no charge for you to bring your artwork to my studio for a consultation.  Once I have seen the art in person, I can give you an estimate on the repair. 

before ornate frame repair
restored ornate frame
each missing piece is hand-crafted to fit
Before frame gilding repair
After restoration
Polynesian Long Boats
Clean, restring, paint repair, cast missing pieces and build a stand.
points to restring
missing end piece
make handmade string to match
hand-crafted boat stand
perfect for display without affecting the integrity of the original sculpture
it may be set on a table or hung on a wall safely
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